Key Benefits

  • Make ePosters available online for your attendees
  • Store the abstracts from past meetings for future reference
  • Seamlessly integrate Abstract Archives with your abstract management system
  • Make your information quickly and easily retrievable
  • Grow your archive without fear. Abstract Archives leverages Amazon Web Services infrastructure so you can have a fast, reliable and scalable archiving solution.

Core Features


Abstract Archives features a fast and robust Search Capability:

  • Look for Abstracts and ePosters by browsing through Meetings and drilling through their divisions and sessions
  • Search for abstracts and ePosters across all meetings in the archive:
    • Use Quick Search to look for matches inside Abstract or ePoster Title, Body and Authors
    • Use Advanced Search to narrow down the search results with filters that can also work as standalone parameters
  • Edit meeting parameters even after archiving is finished with Admin panel



Abstract Archives is an easily searchable repository of your past scientific meetings data with a professional-grade abstract, ePoster and conference proceedings – it features three modes of operation: two search modes and one browsing mode.

  • Simple/Quick Search – This option is used to look for matches inside Abstract or ePoster Title & Body. It is located on the landing page and it consists of a single text field.
  • Browse Mode – Also located on the landing page and features a drop down with quick access to all the archived Meetings up to present day.
    The full Meetings list can be browsed at the “Meetings” page, with an additional functionality to filter down the list by applying either Sort by Meeting Name or Year held.
  • Advanced Search – This option is used for more advanced searches based on various criteria. It allows users to narrow their search in order to get more accurate results.

Search Tips


As mentioned above, Abstract Archives content can be navigated in three ways:

Browse Meetings. - You can browse the meetings from the Meetings page or you can go to a specific meeting directly from the "Browse Meetings" dropdown on the Home page.

Quick Search is located on the Home page and you can use it to look for matches inside Abstract or ePoster Title, Body and Authors. If you are looking for an exact phrase, put it in quotes (e.g. “gold nanorods").

Advanced Search will help you to filter and narrow down search results with various criteria, such as Year, Meeting, Author(s), Keyword(s) and Final Presentation ID. Each of these filter fields can also be used as standalone search parameter (e.g. search by authors), or combined with other filter fields, without the need to use the main “Abstract Title & Body” field.

There is also an autosuggest functionality for “Author(s)” and “Keyword(s)” fields which narrows down the list of suggested authors and keywords based on what the user has typed in the field. Note: "Author(s)" filter is looking for authors’ names Last Name first (e.g. "Smith John" instead of "John Smith") in order to best utilize autosuggest functionality and quickly narrow down your search.

Feel free to use multiple search terms in all filter fields except “Final Presentation ID”. The best practice is to use this search field in combination with a Meeting field, otherwise the search results will display all abstracts with that ID in all meetings.